Broken footpath slabs inconvenience pedestrians

Broken footpath slabs inconvenience pedestrians

A broken footpath on IG Road in Chikkamagaluru town.

Pedestrians using the footpaths on IG Road are facing inconvenience as the footpath slabs are broken. Many a time pedestrians are forced to walk on the road, with the risk of being hit by speeding vehicles. 

Several pedestrians have fallen and broke their legs due to the broken slabs on the footpath. 

“It is harrowing to walk on the footpath. It is not only broken but also unkept. One will find piles of pipes on these footpaths as well,” a resident said. 

Lodges, hotels, clinics, commercial complexes are situated on IG Road. As a result, the density of vehicles are high on the stretch. A careless step on the pavement can land pedestrians in serious trouble. 

"The slabs are broken. One needs to be cautious while walking on the footpath. There is a chance of falling into the shoulder drain," Shwetha, a student of MES College said. 

"A youth was seriously injured when he accidentally fell inside the shoulder drain. The footpath is not laid scientifically," Musthafa, a merchant said. 

IG Road is situated at the heart of Chikkamagaluru and provides connectivity to several other  roads in the town. The footpath is also encroached by flower, fruit vendors, tea stalls, golgappa sellers. In addition, destitutes, alcoholics, and beggars sleep on these footpaths. 

"The footpath slabs were not laid properly. Arrangements have not been made for the easy flow of rain water into the drain," Sheikh, a merchant said.