My wife will leave me if I enter politics: Rajan

My wife will leave me if I enter politics: Rajan

Raghuram Rajan. Reuters file photo.

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has said that if he joins politics in India, his wife will not stay with him.

Speaking to Mint, Rajan said that politics was everywhere and that he has no taste for it. He also said that his primary job, contrary to what expectation is held of him, is academic.

Responding to a question on the possibility of him fielding a political party of his own, Rajan dismissed it entirely, saying that he has no interest in politics.

Speaking of the NDA government's five years in power, Rajan said that the NDA looked like a lot of what UPA did in emphasising the same things like GST, DBT and Aadhaar.

Rajan also said that the NDA government performed about average and that 7% growth is what the UPA did for 25 years.

Rajan said that whichever government comes to power after the Lok Sabha Polls will have to contemplate on reforms for the future, saying that joblessness is not just an Indian problem, but global.

Rajan also dismissed questions on the impact of demonetisation on jobs, saying that was for the politicians to debate.