Start-up rolls out month's salary as fitness bonus

This company offers a month's salary as bonus to get its employees healthy post-lockdown

The CEO says Zerodha's 'get-healthy' initiative came from unhealthy habits developed during Covid-19-induced lockdown

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As coronavirus lockdowns eased, people began venturing out of their homes to meet friends and family, only to find others, and themselves, curvier on the edges than before the pandemic began. 

Stuck at home, many set out to finally attain their fitness goals. However, Work From Home mandates and other imbalances caused by 'new normal' got in the way. For those who managed to stay at it, fatigue and burnout eventually came for them. 

To tackle the dreaded unhealthy habits, Indian unicorn Zerodha has introduced a one-month salary bonus and a Rs 10-lakh lucky draw to employees who accomplish their 'get-healthy' goal over 12 months, founder and CEO Nithin Kamath said on Twitter.

Covid-19-induced lockdown pushed everyone to adopt Work From Home which further triggered debates concerning mental and physical well being, work-life balance, bad diet among others things. Kamath said, post lockdown, Zerodha team was "probably the unhealthiest ever" and thus they thought of a way to get the team healthy.

Zerodha team members were told to set a get-healthy goal over 12 months and were asked to submit regular updates to increase accountability. Following a successful feat, they will be awarded a bonus, Kamath wrote on Twitter. 

"The transformation stories are super inspiring & pushing others to take action as well. We also have proof that getting healthy improves professional performance as well. Our Get Healthy program will now run permanently," he tweeted. 

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