Budget 2020: Focus on intercity mobility

Last Updated 28 January 2020, 09:00 IST

By Manish Rathi

Focus on intercity mobility

“We would like the upcoming budget to continue focusing on infrastructure and transportation sector especially intercity mobility which is key to the growth of economy of small cities. The initiative by government to recognize private cab aggregators like OLA, UBER, was a welcome move for the intracity mobility and will be the game changer for that industry. Similarly, we look forward to intercity bus aggregators considered as a recognized entity in the intercity mobility ecosystem.

Guidelines to offer last mile connectivity in intercity mobility

“Inter-city mobility has an inherent lack of public policy and clarity on last mile connectivity and it needs necessary permits and guidelines for private firms operating in the sector. We would love to see the government introduce provisions to enable private companies towards transportation infrastructure for boarding and dropping within the city limits.

Angel Tax on Startups

Furthermore, the government should also be looking at making it easier for Startup’s to operate in the country. While there were policies introduced regarding Angel Tax in the previous budget, the issue continues to remain unresolved. Resolution of this situation will really help in encouraging investors to invest more in Indian Startups.”

Promote Green fuel alternatives in intercity mobility

Keeping in mind the current environmental condition, there is a dire need to invest more towards promoting the manufacturing of electric vehicles with greater than 500 kms run on single charge, which in turn, will go a long way in reducing carbon footprint. A dedicated fund for EV technology development and research needs to be allocated to promote development of indigenous technology in this area.

(Author is CEO & Co founder of RailYatri)

(Published 28 January 2020, 09:00 IST)

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