Centre approves Draft map of CRZ II

Centre approves Draft map of CRZ II

The Central government has approved the draft map of Coastal Regulation Zone II (CRZ II) of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts.

The map was approved on August 16 by the government and the same was received by the regional director, Forest, Ecology and Environment Department on September 27.

The approved draft map is development oriented, according to the Regional Director.

The draft map will be considered while taking up developmental works in CRZ areas.

According to the new map, the number of villages coming under CRZ II in Dakshina Kannada had increased to 46 from 19. An additional 27 villages have been included.

In Udupi district, the number of villages coming under CRZ II has increased to 18 from five.

The CRZ II areas in Dakshina Kannada will be on the banks of River Nethravathi till Thumbe vented dam, while it is up to Malavooru vented dam in Gurupura river, up to Chelyaru in Nandini river and Karnire in Shambhavi river.

In Udupi district, it will be up to Manipura-Kurkal dam across Udyavara river, Baje dam across Swarna river, Hanehalli dam in Seetha river, Basrooru dam across Varahi river, Hemmadi in Chakra river, Senapura vented dam in Sauparnika river, Kirimanjeshwara-Heranjali in Yadamavuhole, and Tegsare vented dam in Baindoor.

For the first time, hazard line has been incorporated in the CRZ II.

In a few areas, the CRZ areas on the riverside have been reduced.

The CRZ map has boundaries of the village, taluk and district as well. It has also identified basic facilities for fishing and identified fish reproductive areas and sensitive areas according to the recommendations of the National Green Tribunal.