Posing as top cop’s PA, man seeks donation from police

Whitefield police are looking for a caller who posed as a staffer from the commissioner’s office and asked them money.

On June 29, the DCP Whitefield control room staff received the call from a man who claimed he was calling from the city police commissioner’s office and asked them to instruct the jurisdictional police to donate money to a blind school.

Identifying himself as the police commissioner’s personal assistant, the man said the commissioner has directed to send messages to all police officials regarding the donation. He further said police inspectors should donate Rs 2,000 and PSIs Rs 1,000 to a representative of the Indiranagar-based blind school who would visit the police stations the next day.

The staff relayed the message to their seniors, who checked with the commissioner’s office and found it was a hoax. Following instructions from the commissioner’s office, Whitefield police filed an extortion case and found that the call had come from Doddabalapura. They despatched a police team to find the culprit. 

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