De-addiction centre at Jayanagar shopping complex

De-addiction centre at Jayanagar shopping complex

Nimhans has revealed plans to set up a de-addiction centre at the Jayanagar shopping complex in a bid to spread awareness and destigmatise mental health.

Several shops remain unoccupied at the BDA complex, which has prompted the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (Nimhans) to ask the BBMP for infrastructure inside the building to set up the de-addiction centre.

Nimhans’ chief of de-addiction Dr Pratima Murthy told DH that the proposal has been sent to the BBMP and the civic body’s approval is awaited.

She said the idea of setting up a de-addiction centre a few kilometers away from the institute would reduce the burden on the main campus besides destigmatising mental health.

With a certain notion associated with Nimhans, many refrain from seeking help. If the centre is located in a public space, people will find it easier to approach us, she added.

“We don’t look to treat very severe cases at the centre,” Dr Pratima said. “The cases (that come here) would mostly be such simple cases as alcohol addiction. The idea is to identify cases that need help at an early stage and refer the more serious ones to the institute.” 

While the BBMP would provide the infrastructure, Nimhans would handhold the staff besides deploying their own employees at the centre.

Nimhans currently has 20,000 visitors a year for addiction, Dr Pratima said. The complex has space for about six to eight consultation rooms.