Underpasses along NICE Road turn into garbage dumps

Underpasses along NICE Road turn into garbage dumps

The various underpasses along the stretch of the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) Road are no different from similar structures in the city.

They are a nightmare for commuters, particularly during rains when motorists have a hard time detouring to the other side. These scary subterranean passages along Hoskerehalli and Rajarajeshwarinagar have either become junkyards for discarded vehicles or a space for garbage dumping. Despite the high traffic density in the area, civic authorities are least interested in clearing the mess.

Constant waterlogging has made it inconvenient to lay the roads.

“This is a constant pain since the NICE Road became operational,” Navaneeth, who resides in Krishnappa Layout in Hoskerehalli, pointed out. “We depend on this road, but there’s waterlogging even if the rains are less intense. It is especially risky for two-wheeler riders.” 

The underpasses are poorly lit, making it harder for motorists and pedestrians alike, said Manasa, a techie working at the Global Village Tech Park. “The underpass is so congested that two vehicles can’t pass each other. Authorities don’t come here unless people call and ask them to,” Manasa said.

A three-way underpass on the road connecting D’Souza Nagar with Rajarajeshwarinagar has just one passage in use for commuting. The other two are constantly waterlogged. Besides, auto mechanics in the neighbourhood discard scrap and garbage there.

When contacted, Manjunath, a spokesperson for NICE authorities, said the road management is not responsible for the underpasses. “We’ve no role to play other than (managing) the NICE Road. It is completely with the civic authorities,” he said.

When DH tried reaching Nalini Manju, the corporator of Rajarajeshwarinagar, where most of the underpasses are located, her husband picked up the call. He said the waterlogging in the area would be fixed shortly. “We’re currently laying the pipes in the underpass to divert the (stagnating) water into the stormwater drains. So, the issue would be fixed in a few months. We’ll address the other issues later,” he told DH.