Bengaluru makes power-ful summer statement

Bengaluru makes power-ful summer statement

Power consumption is set to rise in the coming days as usage of air-conditioners and coolers peaks . dh file photo

With the rising summer heat, the demand for electricity in the city is increasing too.

This is evident from the peak load graphs of the Bangalore Electricity Supply Corporation Limited (Bescom).

Bescom, on April 2, recorded a maximum peak load of 5,869 MW at 11.09 am, the highest ever in the past six years.

The previous highest peak loads recorded by Bescom were 5,845 MW on March 1 and 5,828 MW on March 26. The peak load was 5,206 MW at 9.46 am on March 27. On February 2 at 11.15 am, a peak load of 5,690 MW was recorded.

Officials at Bescom say power consumption is increasing as the dry hot days add up. Karnataka’s peak load touched 12,000 MW in March. The state has an installed capacity to manage a peak load of 25,000 MW.

“Power consumption will increase in the days ahead and we are gearing up for that. People are using air conditioners, coolers and other appliances more. Due to water shortage, water is pumped from underground or overhead tanks,” the official said.

The official further noted that they have been directed by the government to be prepared. “We have been instructed to ensure there are no power cuts as it is election time. Moreover, many competitive exams are going to be held in April and May such as the CET,” the official added.

According to the India Meteorological Department, temperature in the city is to rise in the coming days as there are no weather systems nearby to bring rain showers. The maximum temperature is hovering around 35-36 degrees Celsius, against the normal of 34 degrees Celsius.