‘Boy jumped to death due to depression’

‘Boy jumped to death due to depression’

Depression is said to have driven the boy to commit suicide.

The investigation into the suspicious death of 14-year-old Niranjan B, who was found dead in New Oxford Public School in Gangondanahalli on Thursday, has revealed that he may have committed suicide due to depression.

A senior police officer said that a special team had examined the CCTV footage of the school, where Niranjan is seen climbing the compound wall of the school and jumping off. Initially, on Thursday, it was suspected that a snake bite could be the reason for his death. However, the police are yet to get the postmortem report to ascertain the exact cause of death.

"We are still puzzled as to why the boy told his parents that he has homework to finish and came to school around 5.45 am," the officer said. 

According to the boy's parents, one of Niranjan's classmates, who was very close to him, passed away recently. Niranjan was very disturbed after that and went into depression. He was often seen crying at home, they said.