Expo unveils power of plastic

Ever wondered how quickly designer cups we use at home are manufactured? Or who tops the country in manufacturing sealed plastic covers? ‘Plastasia-2013’ which took off at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre on Friday will provide you the answers.

The four-day exhibition showcases an entire range of plastic processing machinery, accessories, blends, alloys, composites, a range of quality control and testing equipment,  IT applications and ancillary equipment among others. Over 500 exhibitors including those from Taiwan, Korea and Saudi Arabia have set up 850 stalls.  
Saba Engineering Works from Mumbai has a machine which manufactures 400 designer cups and other utensils 400 per hour and customers choose from a variety of designs.

Mamata Machinery Private Limited, which supplies plastic covers and other goods to over 75 countries, has installed a machine which rolls out sealed covers at a pace of 325 numbers per minute. The Chiltron company has come up with a new type of veg cooler for industries, wherein in vegetables can be preserved fresh for a week.

Plastasia is not just about big names in the sector. Dhanalaskhmi K, a visitor was inspired by the works of a small company by name Suresh Enterprises. “The company has displayed a set of equipment for cleaning car seats and glass for Rs 100. This is interesting,” she said. For Sriram K, another visitor, the exhibition inspired him to think seriously to pursue a course in use and reuse of plastic.

One of the organisers said plastic was the material of choice of the 21st century as it provides cost-effective substitutes for conventional and natural materials and, are extensively used in household, engineering and almost all industrial applications.

“By promoting the use of plastics, we are creating savings in the form of energy or natural resources conservation. The role of plastics has to be reinforced in achieving low carbon, green, clean, inclusive, sustainable, healthy and hefty growth of our country as envisaged in the 12th Five Year Plan,” he said.

J Crasta, former president, Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) and one of the organisers said, India ranks eighth in the world in plastic consumption.

“It is beyond doubt that plastics have a great future in India. It’s high time Bangalore has Plastech Park on the lines of IT Park and Stone Park. We will put pressure on the State government in this regard,” he added.

Plastic brain

For Ramu A Akar, a mural artist from the City, waste plastic means more than recycling and reusing.

Waste plastic wires and other materials are a material of art for him. At the Plastasia-2013, he has created a replica of human brain from such waste materials weighing 130 kg and with dimension of 5X4X5 feet.

“My friends and me decided to give shape to different coloured waste plastic wires and the outcome was plastic brain.” This model intends to send a message to visitors ‘think and rethink’ about the use and misuse of plastic, Ramu added.

Parameshwar N, a visitor, said countries such as Japan use waste plastic materials to build make-shift houses and night shelter for homeless people.

“Ramu’s work should inspire people in the industry to think differently,” he said.

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