FIR filed against BBMP officials in Domlur site case

FIR filed against BBMP officials in Domlur site case

CA site in Amara Jyoti House Building Co-operative Society in Domlur.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has registered an FIR against BBMP officials for illegally issuing a ‘khata’ and plan sanction for a CA site in Domlur.

The khata was issued to Amar Jyoti House Building Co-operative Society, based on a fake note that the land was not acquired.

The FIR has named V V Shivarudraiah, who was a surveyor in the BBMP Estates Section.

A social activist from Domlur B Shivashankar had filed the complaint stating that a developer, Sunil Gupta, has commenced construction at the CA site after obtaining khata and building plan from BBMP.

The complainant stated the developer made a representation before the BBMP authorities falsely stating that 18 guntas of land, which is in fact under survey number 68/2, is in survey number 68/1 and sought khata and plan sanction for construction of a commercial building.

The CA site is part of the land acquired by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) on behalf of Amara Jyoti House Building Co-operative Society to form a layout.

The land notified for the layout included 4.05 acres in survey numbers 68/1 and 68/2. The compensation for the said land was also distributed.

In the layout plan approved by the BDA, an extent of 18 guntas of land in survey number 68/2 was earmarked and shown as CA site for park, and road.

Subsequently, the state government had dropped 1.12 acres in survey number 68/1 of land being acquired.

In 1996, a special land acquisition officer (SLAO) again notified 38 guntas of land in survey number 68/1.

Later, in 2005, Guramma filed an application seeking the khata in her name for the 24 guntas of land in survey number 68/1. When BBMP sought an opinion, SLAO in a letter reiterated that the land was acquired and handed over to the society.

Second opinion

On the pretext of seeking a second opinion from the SLAO, BBMP officials created a fake note purportedly issued from SLAO stating the land was not acquired. Based on this letter, BBMP officials cleared the sketch upon a spot inspection and issued khata in favour of Guramma in 2006.

The complainant alleged that despite a report recommending cancellation of the ‘khata’ and plan sanction issued, BBMP has not acted.

The Deputy Commissioner BBMP (East) had submitted a report to the Joint Commissioner (East) on the irregularities while issuing the khata and building plan.