Is carrying meat in Bengaluru's Namma Metro prohibited?

Is carrying meat in Bengaluru's Namma Metro prohibited? BMRCL clarifies list of restricted goods

After a passenger was allegedly stopped from travelling on Namma Metro for carrying meat, BMRCL clarifies

Namma Metro in Bengaluru. (Credit: DH Photo)

On February 13, a passenger took to Twitter to ask BMRCL why non-vegetarian food was banned in the metro as he explained that he was never this embarrassed after he was stopped at the entrance of the metro for carrying fish. He questioned why such partiality was imposed.

A day later, BMRCL clarified in a reply to the tweet that meat is banned from being carried in the metro unless it is properly packed, nothing is oozing out of the package and no foul smell is emanating.

The documents the authorities uploaded to Twitter spells out a list of prohibited goods in metro. The list includes dangerous items such as arms, ammunition, sharp objects, explosives, certain tools that do not adhere to specifications, flammable materials and offensive items, under which unsealed meat and fish fall. Pets are also not allowed in the metro.

The document, however, states that registered medical practitioners, medical students are allowed to carry surgical tool kits after security checks. It also states that a ‘general tool kit’ will be allowed after security checks and that Sikh passengers are allowed to carry Kirpans under 9 inches as a mark of a religious symbol.