Kuwaiti national arrested for trespassing at KIA

Kuwaiti national arrested for trespassing at KIA

Credits: Kuwait Airways/Twitter

A 43-year-old Kuwaiti national, who gained entry into the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) terminal using a cancelled ticket to see off his family, was nabbed by alert staff of Kuwait Airways on Wednesday.

The accused Waigh Sabry Khamis Ahmed was nabbed by the traffic officer while verifying the ticket at the terminal as passengers were boarding the flight.

According to police, the accused had booked the ticket to Kuwait along with the family, but had cancelled it on the same day.

Cancelled ticket used

On Wednesday, the accused used the cancelled ticket to gain entry into the airport with his family, who were heading to Kuwait.

Based on a complaint filed by the traffic officer Tushar Acharya of Kuwait Airways, the BIAL police arrested Ahmed and booked him for trespass.

Ahmed decided to drop his family members till the departure gate to help them undergo the required checks without hassles, the police said.

Inquiries revealed that Ahmed had come to India on a tourist visa. His family members were returning to Kuwait due to personal reasons.