Forums talk muck in politics while garbage litters lawn

Forums talk muck in politics while garbage litters lawn

The Bangalore Literature Festival was conducted this weekend

Waste seen on the tables at the festival. DH Photo/S K Dinesh

This weekend at the Bangalore Literature Festival, speakers and panellists spoke about corruption and ways to tackle the muck within Indian politics. Bengalureans, however, noticed the litter on the lawns of Hotel Lalit Ashok where the fest was organised.

It was the most awaited literary event of the year. The who’s who of the literary fraternity and crowds had gathered to engage in intelligent and thought-provoking discussions, but basic etiquette seemed to be missing from the festival.

The majority of visitors seemed to ignore the dustbins available every few feet and chose to leave used paper plates and cups on tables or on sides of walkways.

“It is an irony," said Sonal Kumari, an artist and a ‘budding environmentalist’ (as she calls herself). "This is supposed to be a hub of well-read, educated people who visit here to enhance their knowledge or contribute to the conversations. Yet, they seemed to have forgotten the very basics of cultured behaviour.” She pointed out how the lesson ‘throw waste in a bin’ is taught to toddlers, but grownups are the ones who often ignore it.

“I guess walking a few steps in heels and fancy shoes was a bit too much work for the people here," said Kavya, a student. "I wonder if they were expecting volunteers to walk around with garbage bags to collect the trash like they do in aeroplanes.”

At the end of the day, the organisers did create a wonderful platform for engaging dialogues and conversations on burning issues. If only the visitors had played their part.