Film-goer booked for not standing for national anthem

Film-goer booked for not standing for national anthem

The Ashoknagar police arrested a 29-year-old sound engineer from Australia for ‘disrespecting the national anthem’ on May 7.

Jithin had come to Bengaluru from Australia just a week ago. He visited the cinema at Garuda Mall to watch the film, Avengers, End Game, on Tuesday.

Jithin did not stand up while the anthem was playing. Suman Kumar, a person next to Jithin objected to this and chided him thereafter.

Heated arguments ensued with Jithin saying it's voluntary to stand or sit while the anthem played. Suman said Jithin was disrespectful to the national anthem. Jithin then allegedly started abusing the national anthem.

Subsequently, both persons were asked to leave the cinema hall. Enraged Suman approached Ashok Nagar police station. Jithin was booked under section 3 of Prevention of Insult to National Honours Act, 1971. He was questioned by the police and was later sent away on station bail.