Music a catalyst for overall child development

Music a catalyst for overall child development

‘Rhythm N Rhyme’

Swinging his body to lilting tunes has become a favourite activity for six-month-old Krish, who likes to practice the movements with his mother.

Krish is one of the growing number of toddlers who are trained to develop their motor and coordination skills by dancing to music and rhymes. The activity is part of the parent and child initiative called 'Rhythm N Rhyme', which likes to use music as a catalyst in the overall development of a child.

Children aged between four months and five years take part in the activities with their mothers. "They learn a variety of rhymes and learn bodily movement to the rhythms of these poems alongside their mothers," says Vivienne Vidyasagar, who founded 'Rhythm N Rhyme' eight years ago, having been inspired by the mother and child initiatives she saw while living in the US.

"Both (mother and child) perform the same steps, be it jumping, clapping, twirling and the like. We believe that the mother is the most important teacher in the child's life. Our activities are focused on the mother and child bonding and facilitate their development," Vivienne added.

By learning to move with the music, children explore basic motor skills. They are proud about the development milestones, get strong and nimble, gain confidence and socialise effortlessly.

Natasha Bagaria, a proud mother of a three and one-and-a-half-year-old children, says their coordination and socialising skills grew leaps and bounds while learning musical movement at Rhythm N Rhyme. "As a mother, it helps me spend quality time bonding with my children," Natasha said.