Modi is BJP, BJP is Modi: S M Krishna

Modi is BJP, BJP is Modi: S M Krishna

S M Krishna

Prime minister Narendra Modi has mingled with the ideals of BJP in such a way that "Modi is BJP and BJP is Modi," said former chief minister and BJP leader S M Krishna, here on Wednesday. 

Responding to questions at a media interaction, he said that BJP and Modi are one and it was not possible to separate one from another.

"I was attracted to Modi because he is not concerned about his family," unlike the Congress, he said. The Congress, he said, is the property of a single family and leaders from successive generations taking its helm.

Responding to questions, he said that his concerns with Congress were with its leadership.

"I have always opposed dynastic politics. If the leaders are qualified in the party its a different issue. But, it is not acceptable when one becomes a leader by virtue of his birth alone," he said, taking a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi.