Namma TYGR cabs hope for rebirth with HDK help

Namma TYGR cabs hope for rebirth with HDK help

Namma TYGR cabs during their informal launch last year. DH file photo

Namma TYGR, the cab aggregator company that was grounded before it could take off, is hoping to make a comeback with backing from Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, who had assured investments into the firm.

TYGR was muzzled within two months of its informal launch by Kumaraswamy on September 21, when Regional Transport Office officials seized several cars affiliated to the company, citing lack of a licence.

Tanveer Pasha, who led a group of Ola and Uber drivers before launching Namma TYGR through Huli Technologies, said the aggregator will be relaunched, if it proves to be beneficial to drivers.

"We are pinning hopes on Kumaraswamy to help the community of drivers, who have been suffering after Ola and Uber reduced the earnings. The chief minister has already ordered officials to set up a high-level committee to look into our grievances. A decision on the relaunch will be taken once the committee makes the recommendations," he said.

Pasha said the aggregator saw a positive response from the public during the trial operations last year. "The aggregator licence could not be obtained because of an error in the documents. As the election heat set in, the process was delayed further. We will meet the chief minister to discuss the future of TYGR," said Pasha, who is also a JD(S) functionary.

Kumaraswamy has held meetings with drivers who protested against Ola and Uber last year. Later, he promised to bring investments of Rs 50 crore into Namma TYGR, which would work as a non-profit and service-oriented aggregator.

Asked about the investment, Pasha said they were hoping to realise it in the next few months. "Running an aggregator company needs funds for back-end operations and to offer discounts to drivers. We will request the chief minister to help the company or support the drivers by creating a separate government body for taxis and autorickshaws," he said.

'Will win if all play by rules'

Pasha said the high-level committee should revise the fares and fix maximum and minimum fares for three categories of cars — hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs.

"The gap between the high and low fare ceilings should not be more than Rs 2. There should be strict enforcement of rules concerning the safety of passengers," he said.

He said Namma TYGR will do as well as Ola and Uber, if the government ensures that all the companies in the sector adhere to the rules. "If the competition is based on the quality of service, we will win. The government should not allow people with huge funds to use unfair tactics to grab the market," he said.