PU science 'blow-up' syllabus junked

PU science 'blow-up' syllabus junked

PU science 'blow-up' syllabus junked

The Department of Pre-university Education (DPUE) has revoked the “blow-up” syllabus, which it introduced two years ago to make it easy for science stream students to face the second year PUC board exam.

In a circular issued on August 19,  the DPUE has asked colleges to teach the complete syllabus instead of the “blow-up” syllabus — a simplified version of the curriculum.

The decision has been taken to increase the competency level of students, keeping in mind the national-level entrance exams for which they appear after the PU exams, DPUE officials told Deccan Herald.

“Both first and second-year PU students will prepare for the exams for the complete syllabus from the academic year 2015-16,” said the circular. This is in contradiction to the department’s decision two years ago.

The blow-up pattern for the curriculum was formulated during the academic year 2013-14 to simplify the syllabus. Since the syllabus was brought on a par with the CBSE curriculum, there were complaints that students, especially those from rural areas, would find it difficult to cope with it. Moreover, the competency of lecturers to teach the revised curriculum was questioned, as several of them were not equipped to handle the new framework.

Close to the second year PUC exams in March 2015, the DPUE sought to revoke the blow-up pattern. Following protests that the decision was last-minute, the department withdrew its proposal.

Decision welcomed

Welcoming the decision, Dakshina Kannada High School and PU Colleges’ Association president N Ismail said: “This discussion has gone back and forth over the past two years. I personally believe it is a good move taking into consideration the future of students.”

The department had asked for an expert committee’s opinion in this regard. However, it has gone ahead with its decision without that opinion. “Nonetheless, in the interest of students, we will accept this measure by the DPUE,” said Thimmaiah Purle, president, Karnataka State PU College Lecturers’ Association.