Modi will be PM again: Ram Vilas Paswan

Modi will be PM again: Ram Vilas Paswan

Photo via Twitter.

Food minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Monday said that there is no vacancy for the post of Prime Minister in the 2019 elections. He said that Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister once again.

He was speaking to media at the after holding an inter-session meeting of the consultative committee of the ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution in the City. He said that the country needs strong and good leadership and there is no leadership in the opposition.

He said that the 20 parties which have come together need to find a good leader first. Citing the example of Karnataka he said, there are so many differences in the coalition government. People are coming and going, in this scenario, the state can run, but not the country.

Commenting on Rahul Gandhi, he said that nobody takes him seriously. "Not even his own party members. Other nations are eyeing India as enemies and for that, a strong leadership is required," he asserted.

 Commenting on Priyanka Gandhi, Paswan said, Congress is scared and so they have brought her. "There is nothing for BJP to worry about. Whether she is a suitable leader or no that only time will decide," he added. 

Consumer Protection Bill

Paswan said that the government had proposed the Consumer Protection Bill which is pending before the Rajya Sabha. It has already been passed in the Lok Sabha. The Bill gives strength to consumers to where they can complain from home instead of going to the consumer court to file a complaint. Consumers can also question the ingredients and file cases even before purchasing products.