White-topping of roads leaves residents in distress

White-topping of roads leaves residents in distress

Foot path is merged with road after white topping work at Koramangala in Bengaluru on Thursday. Photo by S K Dinesh

The white topping work undertaken by the BBMP in Koramangala 4th block has left the residents of the flood-prone area worried.

The main concern is the height of the road, which will be more than the footpath.

A resident, who did not wish to be named, said, “The BBMP is raising the height of the road by 4 inches...water does not seep through concrete roads and might eventually lead to flooding.”

The resident also said that the road will be at a higher level than the footpath. “This might prevent the water from flowing through the tertiary drain, through which rainwater usually flows,” the resident added. 

Another resident said this could lead to two problems: water will stagnate on the footpath, causing trouble for pedestrians, and also blockage the shoulder drain.

The resident also said that the BBMP has undertaken the work without removing the asphalt that was used to tar the road. "This is a serious concern and how will the road last, if this is the case?" he asked.

Koramangala 4th block is one of the most flood-prone areas in the city. The area suffers from reverse flow of water from the stormwater drain and even from the water accumulated on roads with nowhere to flow. The residents have faced this issue even during the shortest spell of rain.

Corporator Chandrappa Reddy, however, said that white topping will not lead to flooding or waterlogging in the locality.