Yeddyurappa's convoy brings traffic in CV Raman Nagar to a grinding halt

Yeddyurappa's convoy brings traffic in CV Raman Nagar to a grinding halt

While political rallies and speeding convoys of party leaders are expected during elections, the traffic mess they create leaves citizens infuriated.

Tempers rose with the temperature on the roads of CV Raman Nagar on Monday morning, when the convoy of BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa and S Raghu, CV Raman Nagar MLA, left vehicles stranded as far as a kilometre.

The area was saffronised as the workers had hung the party flags all along the road.

Over 200 supporters, on foot and on bikes, followed his convoy, who shouted slogans, waved flags, burst crackers and danced all along the convoy much to the annoyance of the road users.

The bike riders were also seen bullying other motorists, asking them to make way for the convoy to pass.

The traffic police officials had a tough time controlling the unruly party workers and to allow the smooth flow of traffic. As the CV Raman Nagar Main Road is very narrow, the officials were forced to block half of the road and divert the traffic to make way for party workers to pass.

An agitated traffic police official said: “It seems like a punishment to manage the traffic here as nobody cooperates, neither citizens nor politicians and or the party workers.”

“This does not look like an appeal to seek votes, but a gimmick to show strength. The single lane road, is used for two-way traffic and now this rally blocking the road is not acceptable,” said K Raghavendra, a motorist.

“The roads are very narrow and traffic problems are too much. The legislator knows this and should have had the roadshow somewhere else. We are forced to suffer because of such roadshows,” said K Kumar, another citizen.