Consumers elated as veggie prices come down in Madikeri

Vegetables for sale at a Hopcoms stall in Madikeri.

Consumers are elated following a steep decrease in the prices of vegetables in Kodagu.

Following heavy rain in June, vegetable vendors had stayed away from the market for about three months. The prices of vegetables in the past few weeks had kept soaring due to a huge gap in supply and demand. However, for a few days, the prices of vegetables had suddenly dipped bringing cheer among buyers.  

The cost of vegetables (per kg) in the Hopcoms stall in Madikeri is as follows: Onion - Rs 20, garlic - Rs 40, tomato - Rs 18, cauliflower - Rs 25, green chilly - Rs 40, capsicum - Rs 30, beetroot -  Rs 30, drumstick - Rs 40, cabbage - Rs 16, okra - Rs 28, potato -  Rs 30,  bottle guard - Rs 25, snake guard - Rs 25, gherkin - Rs 25, bean - Rs 30 and coconut - Rs 25.


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Consumers elated as veggie prices come down in Madikeri


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