Where the sky is your laboratory

Everything that has been discovered about the universe beyond our solar system has been discovered by observation — by collecting and studying the faint light that reaches us from distant stars and galaxies.

Most people take at least a passing interest in astronomy  and not even the most myopic observer can fail to appreciate the sun, the moon and the stars!

But astronomy as a serious hobby is quite another matter. The sky is a laboratory, observation is the experiment, and eyes are the equipment!

The Mysore Astronomical Research Society provides children an opportunity to understand and appreciate the grandeur of astronomy and the essence of sky watching.
The Mysore Astronomical Research Society (MARS) was formed with the objective of using celestial object-viewing as a tool to create interest in learning and understanding science among children — drop-outs in particular — in Karnataka.

The mission is to create scientific temper in children. MARS teaches children the basics of astronomy, shows them gorgeous stars and fascinating planets of the solar system and deep sky objects, conducts seminars and quizzes on astronomy, takes the telescope around the villages of Mysore district and gives children a chance to view celestial objects.

The two reflecting telescopes, namely CELES-TRON 8” and CELESTRON 14” at the Rotary Midtown Academy observatory, have Celestron’s acclaimed Schmidt-Cassegrains optical system.

The CELESTRON 8” is a portable telescope, while CELESTRON 14” has a computer- module housed in a small observatory form.

The Rotary Midtown Academy, associated with MARS, also provides an extensive programme for students who make lunar, planetary and deep-sky observations, with particular emphasis on near celestial objects and their features like the craters of the moon, the cloud belts of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn.

Many important and useful photographs have been captured by amateur astronomers and student enthusiasts at MARS.

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