Priyadarshan should focus on action, drama: Ajay Devgn

Priyadarshan should focus on action, drama: Ajay Devgn

"I feel action and drama are Priyan's forte. Even he believes so. If you see 'Virasat', 'Gardish', 'Kala Pani' and some of his South Indian movies, you will realise that he has a tremendous hold over these genres," Devgn told PTI.

Priyadarshan's latest comedy movie, 'Khatta Meetha' sank without a trace at he Box Office where as his off beat film 'Kanchivaram', depicting a silk weaver's plight, was adjudged the best feature film in National film Awards in 2008.

The 42-year-old-actor said, 'Akrosh', to be released next week, is Priyan's best movie till date.

"This is a hard-hitting action movie with the backdrop of honour killings and is given an authentic and real look," Devgn said.

"When we talk about progress and development, such things are not good. Family values and honour are deep rooted issues. During one of our interactions in Delhi on the issue, I realised that supporters of such practice will come up with arguments to which you will have no answer. But, nobody has the right to take others life," he said.

The actor said the film does not put forth any statement on the contentious issue but only attempts to create awareness about it.