New York

New York

A scene from New YorkPoint taken. Bush did lie. That is what director Kabir Khan proves with his own take on the overused 9/11 theme.

As New York ends, it flashes some terror tidbits on the screen. That the former president said the US never ‘tortures’. John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif prove him wrong in two and a half hours, telling a tale of ugly detention techniques. The buck stops at the FBI, which, the movie says, turns innocent men into terrorists after a stint at the detention centre.

New York begins as the typical picture-perfect Yash Raj postcard, with the three leading characters bonding over chess, pubs and of course, college. Then the WTC comes crashing down.

New York is different in its treatment of terrorism and the message it carries. But the story drags after some time and the goodlooking cast gets too serious to grip you. John gives a good performance, maybe his career-best, while Katrina looks beautiful with those red hair highlights. Irrfan Khan broods his way into your heart as the FBI man who loves America as much as he hates his wife’s pasta. Agreed New York is a welcome deviation from the staple fluff of Yash Raj stable. Wish it was a little more gripping.

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