This robot matches Rajini mania

This robot matches Rajini mania

iRobot a company involved in developing robotic technology has put on display- Negotiator and PackBot, two types of robots at the armed forces exhibition that was opened at P Kalingarao Mantapa at Dasara Exhibition Grounds on Tuesday.

Chandramouli representing iRobot said ‘negotiator performs multiple missions like surveillance,  reconnaissance, bomb identification, search and rescue and also detection of hazardous materials. It can cover a minimum of 100 metres distance and maximum of 300 metres. The PackBot too performs multiple missions like moving improvised explosive devices (IED) spotted by route clearance and also defuses it by shooting through a water jet. The cartridge in the jet is shot in such a speed that it rip opens the boxes in which bombs are hidden, added Chandramouli. Both are fitted with high resolution video cameras that helps the operator monitor directions on the screen, through remote control. It’s for the first time robots have made an entry to the expo to kindle the interest of the visitors. As anticipated, many flocked to see the robots when they were demonstrated amid rain.

Another first time attraction are advanced night vision goggles cum binoculars, PNV monocular and light weight night weapon sight. Assistant engineer, marketing, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bangalore told Deccan Herald, these equipment priced at Rs two lakh and above aid defence forces including police. The night vision goggles helps sight any objects up to the distance of 300 metres, while in the case of binoculars it is 450 metres. Monocular covers up to 150 metres. Interested can have a feel the experience trying these equipment in a temporary room set up at the corner of the stall, said Khaja.

Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) that is involved in treating our soldiers appetite, has brought performance enhancing drink in the flavours of pineapple, aloe vera and ash gourd. Scientist Dr Naveen said it can be stored for six months in normal temperature and nine months in sub zero temperatures. Interested ones can taste the drink too, besides chocolates specially made for armed forces. The stall also has ready to eat meals like vegetable pulaav, chicken pulaav, mutton pulaav, chapathi to name a few.

A testing kit that helps jawans detect the quality of meat is also on display.  For those interested in radars there are three models displayed by Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Bangalore, a wing of Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO). A low level light weight radar that helps detect targets, low lying aircrafts, helicopters and also UAV fighters up to 50 km. Battle field surveillance radar detects movement of both human beings and vehicles up to 18 km. Sea surveillance radar usually placed in the chin of helicopter and the belly of aircrafts is designed to keep watch up to 120 nautical mile. The armed forces have covered up to a maximum of 64 nautical mile using the device, said Santosh Deshpande and Sumesh, senior technical assistants. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Bharath Earth Movers Limited (BEML) have also put up stalls exhibiting wide range of models for the benefit of the visitors.