Intl meet on Scientometrics

Intl meet on Scientometrics

The conference will be inaugurated by HIgher Education Minister, Dr V S Acharya at Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar Auditorium, Senate Hall at 5 pm.


The conference will include presentations on quantitative aspects of science, collaboration and communication in Science and Technology, science policy, combination and integration of qualitative approaches, theoretical, methodological and applied aspects.More than 350 delegates from 26 countries are expected to present around 216 research papers at the conference. The themes covered in the conference include scientometric studies, web technology, bioliometric laws, webometrics, scientific collaboration, scientometric analysis, mapping of science and visualisation, and research evaluation studies.


Explaining the details of the conference, Prof Hildrun Kretschmer of Henan Normal University Xinxiang, China, said that scientometrics is the science of measuring science and is a field of study among library and information scientists. The study is popular because it helps to improve scientific documentation, information and communication activities by quantitative analysis of library collection.

Another area called as informetrics is the study of quantitative aspects of information in any form, not just records and bibliographies and in any social group. Prof S L Sangam was also present.