Academics in favour of making class 10th board exam optional

Academics in favour of making class 10th board exam optional

"We have been supporting the idea to make 10th class examination optional. This will reduce stress among students. Ultimately students will be tested at the end of class-12," Director of National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Prof Krishna Kumar said.

He said the NCERT's focus group on examination reforms has favoured the idea to do away with class-X board examination.

Sibal on Thursday said the step was aimed at detraumatising the process of education for students. He said the government wants to introduce a grading system replacing the present assessment procedure of giving marks.

Noted academician Prof Yashpal said that the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), the guiding document for development of school syllabus, has already supported the idea of doing away with the board examination at class-X.

"We have said the same thing in the NCF, which was prepared in 2005. It is a good step," Yashpal, who was the chief architect of NCF, said.

He, however, expressed his reservation over the idea of starting an all India board for conducting examination at class-12.

"You cannot enforce it on states. It is a country with diversity and many languages. I cannot know how there can be a single board for the entire country," Yashpal said.

Former chairman of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Ashok Gangully, however, said that it is too early to make class-X board examination optional.

"At present, the credibility of internal examination is not satisfactory. You need to raise the bar on internal examination. Once the internal examination is strengthened, you can implement the plan of doing away with the board exam at class-X level," he said.

Gangully said the country has many boards which cater to educational needs of varieties of students. For having one board, the country needs to have a uniform education system, syllabus and pedagogy.

"To have an all India board, you should have uniform teaching, curriculum and examination system. Then there may be one apex board while other boards may be part of it," he said.

As per the minister's plan, the single board would replace 42 boards in the country including CBSE and CISCE and National Institute of Open Schooling.

Sibal has said that states would be consulted on the issue.