Some things good, some bad here

Some things good, some bad here

Water woes seem to top the civic problems in Vapasandra

Some things good, some bad here

Vapasandra is a fine admixture of various cultures and people from various background have made it their home.

If huge buildings dot some areas of the region, slums and small houses mark other areas of the region. The Vapasandra ward begins from the Citizens’ Club and spreads across the northern parts of the City, which is said to be the border region of place. The ward hosts numerous private and government schools.

Educational institutions

Prashanthi Bala Mandira School, Quiet Corner School, Government Higher Primary Girls School, Jachani School, are a few to be named. Vapasandra is more popular as a ward of educational institutions. North Layout, Kallappa Layout, Shrinagar slums, etc are a few areas of this ward.

Other attractions of this ward are the Excise and Lottery Prohibition Special Police Station, the Sericulture market, District Statistics Department and several others.
There are quite a number of empty sites in this ward and construction of houses at a few places at Vapasandra are also in progress.

It also boasts of fields and green patches, while the main road which passes through this ward has not been asphalted. The condition of the road is pathetic and extremely difficult to be traversed.

Even the drainage works are not being properly implemented, making it difficult for the smooth movement of the vehicles. The sewerage water also gets blocked at various places. The garbage bins have been installed, but have never been properly used.

Limited period

Like all the other wards, the residents of Vapasandra also face drinking water problem.
A few years  back, so critical was the situation that drinking water was being supplied once in 25 days. However, relief has come in the form of three water connections which are supplying water to this ward only from the last few months.

Thus water is now being supplied once in eight days. The residents are of the opinion that since water is supplied for a limited period, it was not sufficient for them. Instead, water should be supplied everyday.

In darkness

Power problems, coupled with voltage fluctuations seem to be haunting the residents. And the residents are yet to get the problem redressed.

The Government Girls’ High School is situated just at the entrance of Vapasandra ward. The school lacks compound wall and thick vegetation surrounding the premises needs to be cleared up.

The parents and students have made various appeals to the authorities concerned to provide various facilities in the school and also clear the surroundings. But so far, no action has been taken in this regard.

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