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Today's letters

Introduce push-pull trains
This refers  'Dasara - record collections by Railways' (DH Oct 20, Mysore edition). I am extremely happy to note that Mysore Division was able to handle a whopping number of passengers this season.
Since Mysore is picking up very fast as an important tourist and residential place, Railways should to introduce Push Pull Services on Sundays also at 9.30 AM from Bangalore and 2.30PM from Mysore, as the Mayiladuthurai and Tirupathi trains are jam packed on Sundays. Similarly, a new train, leaving Mysore at 1.45 pm and Nanjangud at 2.45 pm should be introduced, as a lot of people commute between these two places specially in the afternoons after temple visits, thereby reducing the burden on Chamarajanagar - Tirupathi train and providing connection to Bangalore by Mayiladuthurai express trains at Mysore. This will help a lot of passengers, traveling from Mysore and other stations, who choose to travel by Tirupathi fast passenger. Can we expect that SWR, Mysore Railways will kindly look into these requests and act accordingly?
A. Rajagopal

Kasab’s despicable behaviour

This mail is in reference to the news item “Kasab throws tantrums, spits on camera, walks away in a huff” (DH, Oct.19). It is futile to expect remorse from Kasab for the dastardly attack in which he was involved. His demand for allowing him to be physically present in the court has been rightly turned down for security reasons. He is a hard-nut to crack. He will never reform in jail even if he is sentenced to life imprisonment.  

K.V. Seetharamiah

Linguistic divide

Recently I visited one of the old and famous jewelry shops in Bangalore. To my amazement the shop had a display stating “Sparkling offer! 5% discount for all the wonderful people of Bengal Discount open to Bengalis only".

I felt while the country is trying hard to unite people by eradicating cast, regional and linguistic differences, this popular establishment in Bangalore is trying to divide people on regional and linguistic basis. I refused to buy anything in that shop.
Later, I observed that large hoardings were displayed in various places with the above offer!  I wonder if authorities concerned and people of Bangalore have taken note of this.


 Obama should address India’s concerns

Sir, this refers to “BPO, visa posers await Obama”(DH, Oct 16). With the country heaving a sigh of relief at the successful conclusion of the two-week long Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, all eyes are now on another epoch-making event – US President’s visit next month.

Ever since Barack Obama took the reigns of the US presidency, he has been harping on the likelihood of emerging Eastern powers China and India undermining the supremacy of the US, particularly in the education field.

Obama fears that American children are slowly and surely losing out to resourceful, intelligent and hardworking Chinese and Indian children. He has gone to the extent of warning American parents of a bleak scenario in the job market and has mooted measures including withdrawal of tax holiday for companies off shoring their jobs to India. Against this backdrop, India’s concerns must be addressed if the Obama mission to India is to be successful.

B H Shanmukhappa
B-6, Vidyanagara

Victory for Humanity

Sir, the rescue of 33 miners trapped under a maw of the earth in the San Jose mine, Chile , is the  epic story of hope in which lives of a few became an inspiration for the hopeless around the world. The Chilean rescue operation saw humanity at its best. The government of Chile should be congratulated on their bold and continuous effort and miners shoul be lauded for their courage.

Chile has set an exemplary precedence on how to combat a mine disaster. Many may remember the 1958 Chinakuri mine accident in West Bengal, in which 175 people died. Some miners survived for over a month and were bought out. Both Chinakuri and, Chile, remind us of the glorious struggle of man against disasters.

K.V. Chandra Mouli

Will the same rules apply?

Sir, the refers to the stripping off of Commonwealth medals after a few athletes failed drug tests. But the question is whether the same rule applies to the corrupt officials who took part in CWG right from inauguration to closing ceremony. Suresh Kalmadi was given an opportunity to present the gold medals to the winners of Discus throw and the Relay races. Now that the probe panel has found out that there are 25 charges against him, will he be asked to reimburse the entire money spent on the games.


A matter of trust

In our city was a great assembly
Mess and chaos as we can see
There was a leader and his flock
All he did was pray and talk
Came a time his flock dispersed
In disarray, his bubble burst
He sent his point man, the prospector
To go and herd them back together
Then the elder wise man set a test
To face the rest and come out best
The test was held but the doubts weren’t quelled
The citizens’ misgivings weren’t dispelled
They were angry and they were sad
They realized that they’d been had
The naatak’s not over, not by a long way
There’s many an act and a scene still to play

Shiva Kumar
Kalyan Naga

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