Break from monotony

Break from monotony

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Break from monotony

Hobbies define people. The very definition of the word hobby has undergone change through time. Nowadays, spending time online, watching TV and listening to music from high-tech gadgets, which was considered a luxury long time back, have become hobbies.

 There are a few who have managed to retain the old meaning and indulge in painting, sketching, travelling and reading novels. During the exams, however, most students spend more time studying and sideline their hobbies.

Kruthi, a student of journalism, who loves to shop, read novels, cook and travel prefers to take a small television break during her study timing.  “I find it extremely irritating and monotonous to read continuously, so I prefer watching TV as a 15-minute break.”

 When asked whether or not she would get carried away and lose track of time spent in front of the TV, she replied, “Well, it depends on the television programme and also to the extent, I would’ve prepared for the exam before hand. Also, I listen to music and prepare for my exams. It’s easier for me to relax that way and concentrate at the same time.”

JasleenJasleen has a variety of hobbies including swimming, travelling, dancing, cooking and reading novels. “I make sure that I swim for at least half-an-hour each and every day, including all the days of my exams. I categorise my hobbies into ‘must-do’ and those which can be pursued after the exams. Swimming, that way, takes top most priority and I also watch television after the completion of, at most, half the portion. It’s a huge relief without which I won’t understand anything that I study.”

Adhnan, a first year PU student who likes playing cricket and swimming, prefers to ignore his hobbies till his exams are over. “Studying is a huge burden and getting good marks adds on to the pressure. I don’t mind studying all through my exams. I do take an occasional break, but only when I think it’s necessary.

In addition to that, studying for a minimum of two hours everyday since the day the academic year commences, helps.” Slany, a B Com student who prefers studying at the last minute, says that it’s very important not to overlook the significance of hobbies during exams.

“In my free time, I watch TV, talk, hang out with friends and read novels. During exams, I have to push myself to study since I get easily distracted. But I always make sure that I have time for my hobbies.” Everybody needs an occasional break from routine and hobbies definitely help to do so.