Less rains worry Koppa farmers

They are apprehensive that the paddy fields may have to be left unutilised in the whole year if the situation continues. Usually, farmers grow local varieties like valya, IET, asudi, besides intan, tunga, IET 7191 in the 6,000 hectare land of the taluk. So far the farmers have purchased only 20 quintals of sowing seeds from the Department of Agriculture.

The department still has a storage of MTU 1001 breed in plenty. Kasaba has received 387 mm rainfall so far. It was 647 mm in the last year during the same period. Instead of 887 mm rainfall, Hariharapura hobli has received only 300 mm; it is 632 mm in Megunda hobli, which was 710 mm last year.

Sowing seed is available with 50 per cent subsidy in the Agriculture Department.

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