Talent and creativity to join hands

Talent and creativity to join hands

Rare fest

Talent and creativity to join hands

Prestigious: A view of St Joseph’s Boys’ High School.

The fest is unique in both concept as well as creativity. The name itself, Synesthesia, is an experience which encompasses and enchants all the senses.

It is a cynosure of creativity, a platform of proficiency which will stimulate and appeal; it serves as the impetus of inspiration for the broad spectrum of human achievement in arts, acting and culture. Synesthesia is the synthesis of all that is sensuous and spectacular.

As a fest, it appeals to a wide gamut of people, from children around you to the child in you.

The event, which will be held at the spacious St Joseph’s Boys’ High School campus on Museum Road, Synesthesia is a rare composite of a carnival, a rock show and a competition.

There will be a veritable constellation of cuisines in addition to the bounty of the organised bazaar which shall offer all products, from fashion to flash-drives.

The games of chance, skill and strength shall wow and vex all participants while the ‘American Auction’ shall tantalise one with its mystique of money and manna.

The target audience is by no means confined by the constraints of a conventional fest, show or competition, which caters to a particular age group, mainly school or college students.

Synesthesia, by virtue of its unprecedented nature, appeals to a broad panorama of the populace as it offers not only competitive events and matches for the school children, but also more challenging contests which will appeal to the maturity and ingenuity of college students, in addition to being a platform for the display of the dexterity of the best of the Bangalore bands.

Synesthesia is poised to draw in more than 30,000 people. Over 120 educational institutions have been short-listed as potential participants. The event has also been conducted during a period that coincides with the beginning of the festival season of lights celebration and merriment.

It has been ensured that the fest doesn’t clash with any major student activities.

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