Following the fashion tips!

Following the fashion tips!

Staying Alert

In vogue: Trends are important for youngsters.

To most women, looking their best is very important. Many also like to catch up with the current trends in fashion so that they don’t look and feel outdated when they are with their fashionable peers.

They have varied sources when it comes to catching up with the trends. Popular fashion magazines provide a wide variety of information regarding style, health and beauty tips. Metrolife finds out how religiously these tips are followed and accepted by women.

Neha, a student, says, “I follow most of the trend alerts in these magazines as I find them chic. I don’t mind buying some of the recommended stylish clothes but not all are affordable.’’

Sudha, a government employee, says that she does not read these magazines at all. When asked how she finds out about the latest in fashion, she quips, “By looking at the trends around me. I personally don’t like low-waist pants. Besides, I only wear saris and that too according to my taste. Nowadays, lot of girls are very fashion-conscious.’’
Ramya, a second PU student, has no time to read fashion magazines.

“I also don’t have any access to these magazines and I’m busy with academics. But I consider looks to be important. I get fashion updates from friends and also by watching TV.  Hence, I’m aware of the current trends and I decide to buy only if it looks good on me.”

Eva, a MBA student, says that she’s not much into these magazines. “I find the tips to be good to an extent and I am aware of the latest trends. But looks aren’t everything.”

Her friend Nidhi agrees with her but adds, “It doesn’t matter much now that we’re in college and our friends know us very well to not judge us just by our appearances. But after I start working, I’d probably dress up a little better and try to look more beautiful since I directly have to deal with people who don’t know me and are likely to judge me by my looks.’’

Certainly, looks aren’t everything, but looking good to create a good impression doesn’t come easy.

On the other hand, beauty magazines also provide health and lifestyle tips which are probably a lot more important than just fashion.

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