Vendors defy Geelani's 'civil curfew'

Geelani had announced a three-day ‘civil curfew’ to be observed, beginning with arrival of US President Barack Obama to India yesterday, but the roadside vendors decided to defy the diktat. “We have seen enough of strikes and curfews for the past four months and now we want to feed our families. We cannot go on forever like this,” a vendor, who identified himself only as Khalid, said.

Khalid said he also wanted resolution of Kashmir issue but not by forcing his family to starvation. “There has to be a strategy... any movement that forces the poor into further poverty cannot sustain for too long,” the graduate from S P College said.

The sentiments were echoed by many of Khalid’s fellow traders but would not speak on record for the fear of reprisal from separatist elements.

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