'Sport' your skills

'Sport' your skills

More Saina Nehwaloften than not, parents encourage their children, from an early age to take up some sport after school. This initial boost gradually fades away when they realise how costly and time-consuming that sport will be for them and their child.

Although some sports may pinch the wallet a little more than others, they may be worth the sacrifice. Sports activities do call for considerable time commitment, but there are some reasons why that can be beneficial to your child.

Most colleges in India and around the world favour sportspersons. Shedding light on the subject, Govind a 21-year-old BA student says he used his tennis skills to his advantage. “I got into Jain College on a sports quota through tennis. However, I applied to Griffith University, Brisbane at the same time and was accepted. My sports credentials did hold a lot of weightage as I have been playing tennis for 15 years and football for nine years now.”

Once accepted into college, the benefits seem to step up considerably. “No rent of the fields for training and matches. Free seminars on how to run a club, sports management and time management are extended to players,” added Govind.

Agreeing with the perks of being a sportsperson, is 21-year-old Neville Denazareth.
He said, “I played hockey for St Joseph’s College of Commerce and we got to travel throughout India for tournaments. Besides, the college is among a few colleges in Bangalore that admit students under a sports quota. Certificates, recommendations and an ability test are the basis of being qualified under this quota.”

Another college which overtly encourages sports is Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College. Danny, a final-year student plays cricket for the college, as well as the State. He said, “The lecturers hold special classes for those students involved in sports. Attendance is easily provided and internals are taken care of. Chairman Sanjeevaiah is extremely encouraging and all of us have reached new heights as far as sports is concerned.”

The views of all the potential sports stars, exhibit the value of commitment and perseverance. Sports in college, can have a tremendous affect on one’s future and the perks make a bigger incentive to encourage children to take to sports. After all, “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.”

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