Indian dean of Cambridge college harassed by drunken students

"Several very drunk students and alumni after a rugby dinner, some of whom were running naked around college, and one of whom propositioned me," she said in her complaint.
In fact, indecent exposure, vandalism, violence and alcohol-fuelled high jinks are a regular part of the social scene in the college. Since 2005, some 91 incidents involving over 100 students have been recorded at Churchill College, it emerged after a Freedom of Information request.

In October 2006, two amorous students were caught indecently exposing themselves in the library. A report states: "Two students, one female, were cautioned and told to see the librarian to apologise."

In March 2008, members of the outlawed Bulldogs drinking society booked a "fake sports dinner" under the name of the University Lacrosse Club. "The result was extreme drunken behaviour, damage and fouling of the room and adjacent toilets," it was recorded.
In February this year, one student, who is not identified, assaulted another, leaving him with bleeding wounds, in need of hospital treatment.

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