Skeleton identified as former minister's relative in Khandwa

"The Forensic Lab at Sagar has confirmed after conducting the DNA test that the human skeleton was of Mishra's," Khandwa Superintendent of Police (SP) Harinaryan Mishra told reporters.

Mishra was a relative of former Union Minister Vidya Charan Shukla. The mystery behind Mishra's disappearance was solved when a person went to a bank to encash the fixed deposit receipts deposited in the name of Mishra.

The conspiracy to kill Mishra was hatched by his wife, Rekha Mishra who along with his paramour Syed Saheb Ali and an associate, Karamat killed him and buried his body near Khedi village about seven years ago, he said.

Mishra was posted as an assistant engineer with a government department at the time of his disappearance. Later, Rekha embraced Islam and married Ali. She changed her name to Shabnam. they added.

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