Jazz lovers set to rock

Cultural interaction

This Sunday treat your senses to some jazz beats and gig. The French band, Yapa will hold a concert at B N Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences auditorium on Nov 14 at 7 pm.

As the Alliance Francaise infuses some French flavour into the cultural capital introducing the music connoisseurs here to a French bands, music troupes as part of the cultural interaction. The The Francaise in collaboration with the Embassy of France has brought to Mysore an exceptional band, Yapa. This band is formed by four friends — three guitarists and a percussionist who play their instruments with great panache and passion. Their music carries anyone having a penchant for music to Burkina Faso of Algeria. It rocks the listener while invoking a feeling of cozy confines of sitting and listening to them in a drawing room. The create an ambience with a electic blending experiences and popular tunes of all continents. The entry to the concert will be free, Vincent Vasanthkumar of Alliance Francaise said.

Anuradha Narayanan, administrator of Alliance Francaise de Bangalore told City Herald that the concert was 12th edition of the series of cultural interaction programme Alliance Francaise organised in Mysore. The Yapa band is holding a concert in all of AF’s 16 centres across India. In addition, the band would also perform at two additional centres. The band is on a mission to meet a few Indian artistes. They are keen to come out with an album working with Indian artistes.

“The aim is to promote a dialogue between the artistes of France and India. The Yapa band will hold a programme in Mumbai towards the end of November. About 50 per cent of the fee mobilised in the concert in Mumbai will go to a charity institution working towards helping people living with AIDS,” said Anuradha.

Yapa was born in 1998 and has received many accolades and acclaim a little more than a decade of its existance. The band tries to preserve a hands-on approach towards creating music. In the last eight years, the band has brought out two self-produced instrumental albums ‘Chroniques d Endoo’ and ‘Can I Talk To You?’ a live recording of a tour in the east through the Balkans. They regularly set the stage of some of the best clubs in Paris - Le Entrepôt, Le Sunset, L Etage, La Java, Le Baiser Salé, and have gained an underground reputation as well as a that of being a small band with loyal set of fans.

The band is sure to soothe the senses of music connoisseurs in the cultural capital during their concert in city on Nov 14 and Jazz lovers better ensure their seats well in advance.

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