China's wushu star retains his gold

Yuan, 22, thus retained the gold he won four years ago at the Doha Games with his acrobatic, swift moves, logging 9.78 points.

Japan’s Daisuke Ichikizaki took the silver with 9.72 and Iran’s Peyghambari Ehsan claimed the bronze with 9.70 points.

“I know my parents must be watching me now through the live telecast,” said Yuan.
Wushu is a full contact sport derived from Chinese martial art. It has 15 gold medals and the Chinese are favourites in all the 10 events they are participating, reports Xinhua.

The sport comprises Taolu (set routines), and Sanshou boxing (free sparring). Changquan form, or long fist boxing, featuring imitations of animal moves, is the basic and main style of modern Wushu, mostly performed in north China.

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