BU rejects concerns of evaluators

“These teachers never protested when students reeled under pressure due to delay in announcement of results. Now, when the University has decided to declare the results faster, these evaluators have raised a murmur of dissent saying it would impact the quality of their work. We have gone into the pros and cons of the issue and found it appropriate to increase evaluators’ workload,” Vice-chancellor N Prabhu Dev said.

Pointing out that the actual problem lies somewhere else, Dev said that many evaluators were ‘unhappy’ as they could not bunk their work anymore.

Not concentrating

“Problems occurred as many valuers were not only reporting late but were also not concentrating on their work. Further, many examiners have already been assessing large number of scripts,” the Vice-Chancellor added.

Still, BU would be open to complaints as the rule would be in force only for a year, he said.
Many teachers had argued that the new move would affect their work as they would just ‘look at the answer sheets rather than looking into it.”

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