Jayalalitha seeks detailed probe

She also termed as disturbing and a cause of concern that the official version of the resignation does not say Prime Minister Manmohan Singh insisted on Raja’s resignation. Raja, who resigned on Sunday, hails from DMK, the archrival of AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.

“…The official version put out is that the DMK leader M Karunanidhi asked Raja to resign only because Parliament was being stalled every day on his account, and that he wanted parliament to function without disruption, and that Raja was innocent of any wrongdoing,” she said in a statement here.

She said the resignation does not signal the end of “the mother of all scams. It is only the beginning. The government of India has lost an unprecedented Rs176,379 crores ($39 billion)”.

Alleging that Raja and people and institutions close to him have gained out of the shady deals, she demanded an unhindered probe by the CBI supplemented by a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) probe which would update pparliament on the entire issue.
“Further, Raja himself should be charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act and be arrested and tried for perpetrating the biggest scam in the history of mankind,” she said.
She said the money trail has to be traced and every single person who has gained out of this scam should be made accountable and should be proceeded against.

“The Enforcement Directorate and the income tax department will also have to get into the act. Only then will justice be done. Only then can the resignation be considered genuine and not just symbolic tokenism,” Jayalalitha added.

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