When the bands met...

Strawberry Fields

When the bands met...

Happening: A performance during the rock festival.

Music lovers from across the country descended into the City just to soak themselves in some great music.

The judges shortlisted six bands out of forty bands that performed in the prelims.
Inner Sanctum and Raghu Dixit headlined the performance.

The grand finale began with Peter Cat Recording Studio from Delhi, best known for its funky music and deep lyrics. Up next, Frank's Got The Funk from Chennai got the audience to groove to some popular rock albums.

Farmer then took over with their progressive style, and showed how people from different walks of life, who like and play different styles of music could combine their diverse interests into a coherent musical performance.

 “Fests like these offer a great stage for budding musicians. There’s so much competition and energy in the air,” said Gaurav, a member of the band.

The audience’s anticipation for some metal music was finally satiated when Dark Helm from Pune took the stage.

Goddess Gagged from Mumbai known for its amalgamated alternative, progressive, ambient and hardcore music gave a brilliant performance.

Talking about their experience at the Strawberry Fields, a spokesperson of Goddess Gagged said they had an amazing experience, “We aren’t a metal band but still we’re glad we got the audience here to groove to our tunes.”

Most band members of the Raghu Dixit Project were glad to be invited after 13 years. 

They said that they felt encouraged by the great sound, awesome music and excellent support from the audience. 

Most students who were there said that they’d come to listen to Inner Sanctum but  some of the new bands from across the country were refreshing and offered some fresh music.

“Most of the new bands don’t really mind experimenting. They mix and match pretty well,” said Sujith John, a student. 

Goddess Gagged were crowned the winners of Strawberry Fields 2010, securing for themselves shows across the country.

Frank's Got the Funk came in second, and Abandoned Agony got the third place. 


*Best Keyboardist  - Frank's Got the Funk

*Best vocalist - Goddess Gagged

*Best drummer - Goddess Gagged

*Best bass guitarist -  Farmer

*Best lead guitarist - Farmer

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