The Owl

The Owl

The Owl

Appearing Oh So wise;
It's face masked in a scowl,
Sits a fluffy barn owl.

It looks me up and down
Giving me an angry frown.
Then hoots a warning alarm
To say uh-oh! Here comes harm.

As it continues to glare,
I boldly return its stare,
Wondering why I'm the target of its ire,
Until I spy the tiny owlet perched up higher.

Suddenly, it dawns on me
It's only protecting its baby wee,
From a stranger's prying eyes;
As a mother, I empathize.

I turn away, lowering my gaze,
Glance back through the evening haze.
As if my mind it had read
The owl bobbed its head;

To me it seemed to say -
Thank you for being on your way!

By Ashrafi Antia

Save the earth
If i had a dog it would steal all the attention!!!Every tree
Every speck of green
The precious air
Mother earth's love and care
Shall vanish…….
Not a trace
Of the human race
Shall remain……..

Not a chirp of a bird
Not a sound
Of cat or hound
Not a roar of
The jungle's king
Or any animal on its four limbs

Not the slightest movement
Of a fish
All the earth shall stand still
Barren land it will be
Lonely and desolate
This will be our home's fate
There is no time to waste
Save the earth
Save Nature
To embark onto a better future

Amulya Murthy, 12 years, SKCH (CBSE)

If i had a dog
I wud giv it love and affection
If i had a dog
It would steal all the attention!!!
 My dog would be happy
I'd care for it day n night
I'd never chain it down
Or pull her collar too tight
 She would always have the best food
When people saw her they'd say"oh!!!Shes so good!!"
She would be trained to perfection
And the centre of everyones attention
 As I thought of all this that day
the best of all days ,my birthday
When I came home I met
A little bark in a basket!!

Ashitha Suresh

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