Was Indira Gandhi planning to liberate PoK too? wonders Advani

Was Indira Gandhi planning to liberate PoK too? wonders Advani

"A question that had been on my mind since some weeks was when in 1971 Indiraji decided to help Sheikh Mujibur Rahman carve out an independent Bangladesh for Bengalis of East Pakistan, was she also simultaneously thinking of an operation in West Pakistan aimed to achieve two major objectives to balkanize West Pakistan and to liberate Pakistan occupied Kashmir," Advani said in his latest blog post.

"I wish some objective Indian historian does research into Indian source material and Government of India documents to give the country a version of events as seen from our side, rather than on the basis principally of American sources...," he said.

Referring to B Z Khasru's book 'Bangladesh Liberation War: Myths and Facts' published in September, Advani said he had never before heard any one else even suggest this about Gandhi's plans.

"But this book carries ample data to show whether or not Gandhi actually contemplated to achieve these objectives," he said.

"Washington's top leaders of those times President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, the President's National Security Adviser were both convinced that Gandhi was seriously thinking of action in that direction, and that the Soviets were likely to help India in achieving its objective," Advani said quoting from the book.

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