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Vacation Plans

And if it is a long vacation, it’s also an opportunity for them to plan family trips, meet upHopeful : Many students feel that it is difficult to plan their holidays with their siblings because of different timings. with cousins, attend weddings and other functions. But with PUC, degree and engineering colleges having vacations at different times, it has become a problem for students, who have siblings in different classes, to plan holidays. A few students spoke about the inconveniences they face because of this.

Karthik, a student, has been facing this problem often. “In the last four to five years, I haven’t attended a single family function or a marriage. It is very difficult for us to plan a family trip. My mother is a lecturer, and my brother is  is studying for PUC and our vacations vary every time,” he says.

“Most of the time, I have to suppress my wish to meet my relatives and my cousins because of my internals and other exams. If the function is very important, inevitably I have to miss a class or two,” he adds.

Arpitha, an engineering student, remembers the good old days when she and her elder brother used to have  their holidays simultaneously. “When my brother and I were in school, we spent all the holidays together. We used to watch cartoons or sports, play games and even fight with each other. As time passed, we started spending less time on these kind of activities because we had our vacations at different times,” she feels.

“These days, it’s hard to plan our vacation as I am studying in an engineering college. My mother is the principal of a PU college and our holidays never coincide. My brother is now working in Delhi and he can visit us only twice a year,” she says.

Chandan, who is basically from Hyderabad, is a bit upset about his vacation. “Meeting my friends in Hyderabad is always a problem for me. Whenever I go there, they have their classes. Sometimes, they have exams and internals too. So it is difficult to meet them,” he says.

Smitha, a student says, “As the educational system is like this, we can’t do anything about it. Moreover, it is difficult to plan family trips as both my father and mother are working. Therefore, I plan my holidays with my college friends who also have vacation at the same time.”

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