Now, 101 BMW cars booked in one day in Aurangabad

After buying 150 Mercedes Benz cars in bulk a few months ago, the city entrepreneurs have booked 101 cars from another German masterpiece stable, the BMW, in a single shot on Sunday.

Pankaj Agrawal, one of the young industrialists, said the reason behind the mass booking was to put the name of their city in front of the world and also to avail of group discounts.

“By doing so we would receive good support from the company. There would be quantity discount. And the most important thing is that Aurangabad would be known worldwide. These were our main intentions behind this group booking,” he said.

Last week, Agrawal had a meeting with BMW officials in Delhi, during which the proposal for the group booking was discussed. Agrawal was so excited that he immediately got in action and roped in many of his business friends and colleagues in the deal.

This is the second time that the city’s businessmen have become part of a record automobile deal. On October 14, this year, 150 Mercedes cars were delivered in Aurangabad.

“There is a lot of potential in Aurangabad city which was hidden till now. Now, everybody is unleashing it,” said Agrawal.

BMW does not have a showroom in Aurangabad. The present deal hs been struck through the company’s Pune dealer Baveria Motors.

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