BU students may soon study in Ireland

Vice-Chancellor N Prabhu Dev suggested such a partnership to a three-member delegation of senior academicians of the University of Ireland during their visit to BU here on Wednesday.

Varsities to join hands

Besides, the two universities may also join hands for exchange of staff and students in biological sciences (plant biology), nano-technology, non-conventional energy, ecology, and areas that interface science, arts, and social sciences.

Further, both the varsities could work together in emerging areas such as socio-biology, ageing, and South-Asian cultural studies.

Responding positively to this, Dr John Hegarty, Head of the University of Dublin, said both the varsities had common interests in developing basic knowledge and building a platform to translate it into technology and commerce secured by the Intellectual Property Rights (IPI).

Dr John further said Ireland has historical as well as contemporary connectivity with India, especially Bangalore.

The University has a strong presence of Indian staff and students, he noted.

BU invited

He invited Bangalore University to join the international endeavours for mutual and contemporary interest and relevance.

The delegation from Ireland will again visit BU at least twice in the current academic year ending September 2011.

The University of Dublin was ranked 43rd overall globally and 13th in Europe by the Times Higher Education Supplement Global Ranking recently.

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